Professional commissioning services for industrial plants. We are not just building industries. We are taking them to the next level.

Commissioning Services


Planning site activities is key to an efficient and successful project. DELTA GRID provides assistance in synchronizing site activities in a way the commissioning process is optimized and enables hitting critical milestones.


Commissioning plant systems and eventually a whole production system requires high skills both in technical and management fields. DELTA GRID takes its experience from the most challenging power plants around the world and puts it in service for your project.


The main focus for an Industry Owner besides receiving a functional plant is to have the best trained operators on site. They are the people that will face all kind of scenarios once production is live, and who best to train them than a commissioning specialist.

Why us?

10 Years Experience

Extensive experience in complete power plant commissioning around the globe.

Certified Experience

Certification in MAN Diesel Engines, JEUMONT Alternators

Great Support

We offer a comprehensive support for our industrial clients, at any time, we are one phone call away.

Quality execution

A high quality job stands as one of our core values, and makes us a reliable partner.

Knowledge Transfer

Your staff benefits the best of our knowledge on site, getting them ready for upcoming challenges.

Customers & Partners



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